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NGO partners offering the 4th Phase of Simon K Y Lee Children’s Fund – FLY Project (“FLY IV”)

FLY Project is an evidence-based early intervention programme for enhancing the learning and development of preschoolers aged 1.5 from deprived families before kindergarten entry. It covers different aspects of child-development such as cognitive, preschool concept, language, social, gross and fine motor, behavior and parent-child relationship.  The Simon K Y Lee Children’s Fund (“the Children’s Fund”)read more

Result of Application for the 5th Phase of Simon K Y Lee Elderly Fund – Active Prevention & Early Identification of Cognitive Impairment Project (“APEC V”)

Thank you to all NGOs who submitted applications for implementing APEC V. The Elderly Fund has completed the vetting procedures and selected the proposals from the following 13 NGOs to deliver the programme in 40 units over 15 districts in Hong Kong, from December 2017 to January 2019. It is expected that around 650 eldersread more