Project BrainLive®

Connecting families living with dementia in pandemic situations and beyond

In 2020, the Elderly Fund partnered with The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”) to implement Project BrainLive® (“BrainLive”), a 2-year project that mainly aims to develop a best practice model of barrier-free online dementia community support service, while training young-olds as “BrainLive Hosts” to deliver evidence-based intervention and care service for families living with mild to moderate dementia via Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Tools.

The specific goals of the project are:

1) to ensure access to evidence-based intervention and care under infection control situations;

2) to prepare families living with dementia and service providers for future remote service development by enhancing their ICT literacy in the post-pandemic era;

3) to build capacity of the community to care for families living with dementia by developing young-old volunteers for remote dementia service;

4) to promote innovations by NGOs to explore full potentials of ICT-enriched service for continued service, including involvement of carers in the long-term; and

5) to identify using service data the best combination of the standard service package and other infrastructure and support for an optimised model to recommend in Hong Kong.

BrainLive is led by Dr. Gloria Wong, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at HKU. The project is expected to train 60 BrainLive Hosts and provide service to 180 families living with dementia. Five NGOs are currently collaborating with HKU to promote and implement the project.

Funding amount: HK$3.39M

To learn more about BrainLive and its latest news, please visit the project website and FaceBook page .