Karen’s Fund

The Simon K. Y. Lee Karen’s Fund (“the Karen’s Fund”) was set up in 2019 as a daughter fund of the Simon K. Y. Lee Foundation to honor the values and beliefs of Dr. Karen Lee. The mission of the Karen’s Fund is to help young adults with career planning and development, with a focus on promoting self-understanding and self-actualization so that they can find meaning in their work and lead successful, fulfilled lives.

The Karen’s Fund first flagship program – Project Careerpillar – is a 18-month social service project, in collaboration with City University of Hong Kong. It is still in progress and aims at establishing an evidence-based service model for career development among university-graduated young adults aged 25-39 in Hong Kong. The project, supported by several non-profit organizations, offers a range of services including career counseling, information, matching, as well as support group sessions, with the goal of promoting self-understanding and self-actualization among participants. The project seeks to experiment with a new career service model based on past experiences in Hong Kong and abroad, and to consolidate the results through research and follow-up with participants. The ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive career development service model that can be used in the local context, and to serve as a foundation for future career service development in Hong Kong.