Project Careerpillar: A new direction for youth career services in Hong Kong

In 2021, Simon K. Y. Lee Karen’s Fund collaborates with City University of Hong Kong to implement Project Careerpillar, a 18-month social service project aiming to establish an unique and effective evidence-based service model that can facilitate individuals’ career development in the local context. Project Careerpillar adopts a perspective of career planning and development that focuses on promoting individuals’ self-understanding and self-actualization so that they can find the meaning of work and life, and lead a successful life. The Project serves young adults aged 25-39 with a range of services, including career-related information, individual and group counseling, career matching and exploration, as well as support group.

The objectives of the Project include:

1) To experiment a career service model built upon past local and overseas experiences, which seeks to enhance participants’ personal growth, job satisfaction, meaning of life and career development through the provision of a series of career-related programmes;

2) To consolidate the experiences of this career service model through qualitative and quantitative research and follow-up with the participants;

3) To establish a comprehensive career development service model to be practiced in the local context that lays the foundation for the future development of career service in Hong Kong.

Project Careerpillar is led by Professor T. Wing Lo, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) of City University of Hong Kong. The project team is working closely with four non-profit organizations, including Caritas Hong Kong, Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service-Hong Kong, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and Hong Kong Playground Association to implement this Project. It is expected that at least 120 service users will be benefited in its experimental phase.

To learn more about Project Careerpillar and its latest news, please visit the respective Facebook pages of the collaborating NGOs:

Caritas Hong Kong

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service-Hong Kong

Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Hong Kong Playground Association