Funding Strategy

We are a caring funder, an innovator, and an advocate. We aim to create social impact and maximize leverage wherever possible, actively promoting collaboration among stakeholders. All our daughter funds target areas which are neglected or not well-funded by the Government or other public funding bodies. By initiating and supporting innovative projects and then scaling up those with proven effectiveness, we aim to bring positive and concrete changes to the service recipients, the welfare sector, government policies, and society.

  • Undertaking broad and deep research to understanding critical needs and root causes of social issues
  • Promoting innovation in problem-solving
  • Creating practical solutions
  • Measuring progress against indicators
  • Encouraging active collaboration among stakeholders
  • Benefitting underserved segments of the community, eliminating disparities, and promoting equal access to services

“Service-Research-Public Education” Approach

Our flagship projects begin with comprehensive research on existing needs and service gaps. From this, we identify an area where we can make a significant impact. An appointed Principal Investigator, usually an academic expert in the relevant field, designs an evidence-based service model. We then collaborate with NGOs to pilot the program in the community, integrating frontline experience and ensuring practicality. Throughout the pilot phase, we conduct evaluations to measure its impact and affirm the model’s effectiveness. Alongside this process, we conduct community and public education, promoting relevant messages and knowledge, with an aim to scale up and replicate the model across Hong Kong.

After the pilot stage and validation of the model’s effectiveness, we engage various NGOs to implement the model on a wider scale, ensuring its accessibility to those who need it the most. An essential part of this phase is capacity building for the involved NGOs. We facilitate training programs and provide resources that enhance their ability to deliver the services effectively. The dissemination phase further involves sharing the model and advocating for its adoption through stakeholder engagement and public education. By working collaboratively and promoting the model, we endeavor to create sustainable change and positively impact the lives of individuals in Hong Kong.

We utilize a blend of service, research, NGO capacity building, public education, and stakeholder collaboration, aiming not only to create innovative solutions but also set trends and transfer relevant knowledge. Through capacity building and public education, we further strengthen the welfare sector’s ability to address community needs and increase public awareness of the issues, creating ripple effects that go beyond our immediate project objectives. This comprehensive approach fosters wide-scale, sustainable impact on service recipients, the welfare sector, public policy, and society as a whole.