Funding Strategy

The Foundation aims at social impact and leverage wherever possible. Both the Elderly Fund and the Children’s Fund target areas which are neglected or not well-funded by the Government or other public funding bodies. We stand by the following principles when making funding decisions:

  1. Undertaking broad and deep research to understanding critical needs and root causes of social issues
  2. Promoting innovation in problem-solving
  3. Creating practical solutions
  4. Measuring progress against indicators
  5. Encouraging active collaboration among stakeholders
  6. Benefitting underserved segments of the community, eliminating disparities, and promoting equal access to services

“Service-Research-Public Education” Approach

Our projects start with extensive research on needs and service gaps.  From that research, the Foundation selects an area in which it perceives it can generate the most significant impact.  The Foundation then appoints a Principal Investigator, usually an academic with expertise in the relevant field, to design a service program backed by theory. We partner with NGOs to pilot the program in the community to ensure practicability and assimilate frontline experience. Throughout the pilot, evaluation and analysis is conducted on the program to assess the impact and prove its effectiveness in resolving the issue.  The Foundation utilizes this approach in order to create evidence-based models that can be scaled up and replicated across Hong Kong.

Community and public education is conducted throughout the process to promote the relevant message and knowledge, thereby furthering and extending the impact.

By combining service, research, public education, and collaboration among stakeholders, the Foundation aims to create new solutions and disseminate innovative service practices, thereby bringing wide-scale and sustainable impact to the service recipients, welfare sector, public policy and the society.