Whole and Inclusive School Empowerment (“WISE Project”)

WISE aims to devise a model on whole-school approach to enhance the capacity of mainstream preschools in addressing student diversity. Funding is provided for NGOs and preschools to engage Educational Psychologists (“EPs”) and senior teachers to provide assessment and tailor-made intervention for children, especially those at risk of or at borderline of special learning needs and developmental issues. Training and support has been provided for teachers, parents and school to acquire skills and develop policies to better cater for and manage learning diversity.
The project started in December 2016 and is led by Professor Cynthia Leung and Dr Janet Leung of Department of Applied Social Sciences at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (“Poly U”), and has been extended twice. Eleven preschools under the operation of five NGOs have participated in the project. The NGO partners namely are Caritas Hong Kong, Heep Hong Society, Hong Kong Christian Service, Po Leung Kuk, and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.
Funding amount: $9.76M