Elderly Projects

logoThe Simon K. Y. Lee Elderly Fund (“the Elderly Fund”) was set up in 2007 as a daughter fund of the Simon K. Y. Lee Foundation, with a mission to improve the well-being and quality of life of the elderly. The Elderly Fund was governed by the Board of the Foundation and overseen by an Advisory Committee whose members include (in alphabetical order):

  • Ophelia CHAN, BBS, former Assistant Director,  Social Welfare Department, The HKSAR Government
  • Dr. David DAI, JP, Chairman of the Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association 
  • Dr. LAM Ching Choi, BBS, JP, Chairman of the Elderly Commission, The HKSAR Government
  • Prof. Linda LAM, Professor and Chairman of Department of Psychiatry, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Edward LEUNG, President of the Hong Kong Association of Gerontology
  • Timothy MA, JP, Founding Executive Director and Board Member, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association

The Elderly Fund supports pioneering projects in areas of elderly care that are in critical need yet not well funded by the Government or other funding bodies. We seek to address the problems via collaboration with the social welfare sector and the academia; and via the Foundation’s signature approach:

1. Service – partnering NGOs to provide quality service for elders in the community
2. Research – partnering universities to incorporate research in the service to develop evidence-based practices and build new knowledge
3. Public and community education – making use of media and community platforms to promote healthy ageing in the society

Active Prevention & Early Detection of Cognitive Impairment

Since 2008, the Elderly Fund has committed itself to the area of dementia care and promotion of "Early Detection and Early Intervention". Under the Active Prevention & Early Detection of Cognitive Impairment project ("APEC") (previously called Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection of Cognitive Impairment project), we partnered with The Chinese University of Hong Kong and NGOs to develop an evidence-based service model with proven effectiveness in slowing down cognitive deterioration. Now, the Model has been rolled out to 88 elderly centres over 17 districts (less The Islands) in Hong Kong, helping elders with mild cognitive impairment to preserve cognitive and brain functioning. More than 2700 elders have benefited. 

Funding amount (research, service and capacity building): $20.9M

To see the full list of NGO partners participated in the five phases of the APEC project, please click here.

Alleviate Frailty and Promote Active Lifestyle

In 2015, the Elderly Fund partnered with The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”) to implement Project GrandMove (“GrandMove®”), a 3-year project that aims to establish a structured exercise intervention programme that includes both aerobics and resistance exercises to alleviate frailty among Hong Kong’s ageing population and promote lifestyle changes for elders to add exercises as part of their habits, while training young-olds as exercise coaches to promote healthy and active ageing. GrandMove® is led by Prof. Terry Lum, Professor and Head of Department of Social Work and Social Administration at HKU, and Dr. Gloria Wong, Assistant Professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at HKU. GrandMove® is also jointly organized by Sau Po Centre on Ageing and Centre for Sports and Exercise (formerly Institute of Human Performance) of HKU. At community level, 14 NGOs have joined the project. In 2017, the programme ("GrandMove+") was extended to adult day care centers and residential care homes. Over 500 frail and pre-frail elders have been benefited and about 120 young-olds have been trained to become exercise coaches. 
Funding amount (research and service): $7.15M
To see the list of NGOs participating in GrandMove®, please click here.
To know more about GrandMove®, please visit the project’s website and Facebook page, or this TVB news segment video introducing the project below:

Transitional Care for Discharged Elders

Before these two projects, the Elderly Fund supported a transitional residential care project for hospitalized elderly patients. The project was recognized by the Government whom later, in 2012, incorporated the element of transitional residential care into its Integrated Discharge Support Programme for Elderly Patients and extended the service to 15 public hospitals in Hong Kong.

Funding amount; $2.83M